Wang PI


Siyao Wang

Siyao Wang is since 2022 an independent PI at the Institute for Genome Stability in Ageing and Diseases (IGSAD) at the CECAD Research Centre of the University of Cologne. In 2010, she received her Bachelor’s degree of Medicine in China, completed her PhD training at the University of Manchester in UK in 2015 and conducted her postdoctoral research from 2015 to 2022 at the IGSAD and CECAD Research Centre in Germany. Her research interest mainly focuses on epigenetics, DNA damage and aging. By using C. elegans as a model organism, Siyao has uncovered the role of histone modifications in aging in response to DNA damage and paternally inherited genome instability. Considering the central role of epigenetic regulators in aging and transgenerational inheritance, Wang establishes her lab to investigate how epigenetic modifications regulate longevity in response to DNA damage, and whether the epigenetic memory of DNA damage can be transgenerationally inherited in the consequent generations.

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